2016 in Review

Am I sentimental? Absolutely. My grandfather calls me a historian. I like to record things, to have something to remember and call upon later. I have mentioned before that I keep a training log, an old fashioned, hand written, confusing-to-anyone-else documentary of my running. I have done so since 8th grade. This year was no different. Here is what I found upon my yearly review of 2016.


In 2016 I averaged 10.3miles per day, this year, I beat that with 10.8miles per day! I took 6 weeks off total, so for the days I ran, it would be closer to an average of 12.25miles per day. My longest training run was 22.5miles in 2:30. My hardest workout was 3x2mile at threshold, 2x1mile faster. My highest mileage week was 107.5, and averaged out at 86 miles per week. 
Without a doubt, the ability to go back through my year gives me confidence, but this hasn’t always been the case. I have had those years where no progress was made. Where months are blank due to injury, surgery, sickness. Running is a tough sport. If it was easy, it would be a lot more popular. But, there is nothing like the gratifying moment of looking back at that hard time, and seeing how much progress has been made. How my diligence in rehab from surgery, my determination to overcome Lyme’s disease, my decision to try the marathon, and my diligence in training, have led to who I am right now. It hasn’t been perfect. And of course I always want more. But it has been real. And I have enjoyed the journey. So here I am, onward, a New Year, where I can apply the things I have learned from the mistakes of the year past, a new opportunity to recommit to future goals, and a time to embrace the unknown future of this beautifully complicated and wonderfully unpredictable thing called life. I look forward to being on the ride with you.