Race Schedule

I'm excited to announce my upcoming races! I am so grateful for the support and for you following me as I continue to pursue my goals. One of the key things I am doing this spring, is racing more! I did two marathon segments of training in a row (Dec-Apr prep for Boston, June-Nov prep for NYC) which resulted in 9 races total for 2016. Now I am working on speed, racing more frequently, and going after some PR's from 5k-Half Marathon. I've already raced 3 times this year, and I have 4 more in the next few months! Follow me on Twitter, Instagram, and FB (my athlete page) to be a part of my journey and to win fun giveaways! With each race, I will be doing a contest where you could win Adidas, LaceLocker, Momentum Jewelry, Roll Recovery, or PowerBar swag! Stay tuned :)


Jan 15 Arizona RnR HM (1st, 1:12-Avg 5:33/mi)
Feb 5 New Orleans RnR HM (1st, 1:11-Avg 5:24/mi)
Mar 11 USA 15k Champs Gate River (3rd, 49:47-Avg 5:18/mi)
April 2 CarlsBad 5k
April 29 USA HM Champs Columbus
May 13 USA 25k Champs Grand Rapids
May 29 Bolder Boulder 10k