Bronze Shoe Award

The vulnerable moment when we share a goal, the grit and grime we endure to train for it, the perseverance when things don’t go according to plan, the hours we push through when we don’t want to, and the sweet victory when we conquer the mountain, smile at the peak, and the mind starts planning the next one!

Does this remind of you of a runner in your life? Tell me why. I am thrilled to announce I will be honoring a deserving athlete with the first annual Bronze Shoe Award. Lacelocker and I have partnered to generate greater recognition for runners out there who are working hard to make their goals reality. Any runner is eligible to win this award, We just need you to take the time to share their story with us! Here are the details:

Submit a brief and compelling one page story for the runner that includes:
* Name, Age
* Mailing AND e-mail addresses of the nominee
* Exhibits strong commitment to the sport of running
* Trains and races free from performance enhancing substances
* Articulation of the compelling running story and life experiences of the nominee that exemplify Neelys’ running principles.
*Nominations should be submitted to:
*DEADLINE DATE for Submission of Nominations is 11:59pm April 7, 2017
*Recipient will be selected by Neely Spence Gracey and announced sometime in late May, 2017.