I am so grateful for my wonderful sponsors...

Adidas Running - Great gear, excellent shoe options, and an awesome selection of sunglasses. I'm so thankful to be running 3-stripes strong!

Upstart Kombucha - There is no greater satisfaction for me than sipping Kombucha after a hard workout. It settles the belly, refreshes the system, and quenches the thirst. The support from this local Boulder brew is so appreciated. Visit their brewery today and try it out for yourself!

ElliptiGO is by far the best cross training tool I have used. I implement it weekly for supplemental shakeouts.

Final SurgeGet Running Coaching Services uses Final Surge to help our athletes stay focused as they Train with a Purpose!

Honey Stinger - Organic, natural, and delicious fuel for before, during, and after your runs.

AthleteBiz - Shop my favorite products, from shoes to watches to nutrition.